Warranties & Insurance


  • AMS Platinum Warranty is the industry’s leading warranty program for blood pressure kiosks- no company offers more complete or longer warranties. AMS guarantees it 111%!
  • All blood pressure kiosks sold by AMS are warrantied by AMS’s Platinum Warranty and 111% warranty guarantee.
  • The Higi station and SH650 Health Center licensing agreement includes: software, updates, parts, service and standard usage reports. Available in three and six year terms.

Liability Insurance

American Medical Screening warranties include $2M liability insurance on every covered kiosk, for the provision of a safe test by the user. This is in addition to manufacturers’ warranties and policies.

Extended Warranty

Additional Warranty must be purchased before expiration of current warranty coverage. Contact American Medical Screening today to discuss extended warranty options that meet your specific needs.


  • Under AMS’s Platinum + Extended Warranty all blood pressure kiosks sold by AMS are eligible for extended Platinum coverage.
  • $2M liability coverage included with Platinum and Platinum Plus warranty programs.