We appreciate your business & interest in our company.

American Medical Screening, LLC, (AMS) is a third generation family owned business and was established in 1976 as a global distributor of equipment specializing in technologies and services that deliver digital health information direct to the consumer for optimal Health & Wellness.

Our Story

Over 35 years ago AMS, was part of the initial team that invented, computerized, and commercialized the first medical test to be done unattended outside the physician’s office. We knew there was a growing demand for a more convenient method of individual health monitoring and that demand continues growing today more than ever! Once we had our first health kiosk in the market, Model 800c, developed by Vita-Stat, the founding team members and others set out to establish our distribution network.

Today the commercial Health Monitoring Stations, blood pressure kiosks, AED’s, Portable Oxygen equipment AMS distributes are responsible for providing over 1 million free blood pressure tests and other health screenings in retail stores, Fortune 1000 companies and businesses daily. There are more than 30,000 pharmacies, supermarkets, hospitals, clinics and businesses, including fortune 500 companies, throughout the US where the commercial blood pressure monitoring & health kiosks that AMS distributes can be found.This free health monitoring network is responsible for the majority of over 700 Million free self-administered health tests taken per year!


Strategic Intention

To make personal biometrics digitaly available to everyone “Free of Charge” empowering them to take an active role in managing their way to a healthier, more productive and higher quality of life.

Our Motto

“Knowledge Is The Best Prevention”

Better Health Through Awareness

The increase in “at risk” chronic health conditions in America and around the world has fueled the need for enhanced technology that not only measures and monitors a greater number of biometric data points, but also provides meaningful information to help individuals and healthcare providers evaluate the success of their healthcare initiatives. AMS makes a point to seek out and represent these technologies. That is why we offer a variety of self-testing technologies for both public and commercial use. AMS’s Health Stations and Blood Pressure kiosks provide the ability to test -track and manage data on an individual basis for personal use and at an aggregate level for public & employers which enhances goal and program effectiveness for all. AMS’s suite of services and equipment from blood pressure monitors, AEDs, Portable Oxygen and other prevention / intervention technologies make it easy for individuals to take an active role in wellness & healthcare, while also enabling corporate management with tools to reduce costs and improve the health, wellness and productivity of their employees.